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                  January 22                                                          Sofar Sounds Toronto                                                        Info          

                  February 5                                                  Toronto Raptors Anthem Singing                                              Info

                  February 26                                                                  120 Diner                                                                 Info


With a sweet, jazz-tinged voice, Jess is a captivating singer-songwriter who brings warmth and hope to her music about self-discovery and life’s intimate moments. With indie folk and pop influences, and her charming storytelling ability, Jess is sincere and honest in her exploration of love and loss.

A recent finalist in the 2018 John Lennon Songwriting Competition for her song, “Thank You, I Love You”, a past CBC Searchlight semi-finalist, and an anthem singer for the Toronto Raptors basketball team, Jess is now excited to showcase more of her work. “Rollercoaster”, her first official single, is an introduction to Jess Leung’s music.

Hi there, my name is Jess. I am a singer, flutist, pianist,

I play the piano, flute, and I sing. I started writing songs because it meant so much more to me to create rather than play someone else’s pieces all the time.


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